The Best Kept Secret of Belize Resort Marketing: Word of Mouth

Friday, August 23rd, 2013 by

One of the most effective tools that you should be using in your Belize resort marketing is word of mouth. Did you know that word of mouth accounts for 54% of travel planning sources? That means over half your customers ask for recommendations from their friends, family, and colleagues when planning their next trip. To drive more Belize Hotel Reservations, you must drive more personal recommendations using Social Media or good old-fashioned word of mouth.

How should you go about starting a word of mouth campaign? There are three great ways to capture the power of word of mouth marketing:

Give your guests the trip of a lifetime! 

If your guests have enjoy their stay at your resort, they'll talk about it. Think about the last time you returned from vacation: you told your friends and family about your how great your trip was… or wasn't. Then they tell their friends and so forth. If you provide your guests with a fantastic trip, they'll do all of the marketing for you.

Have a social media presence.

Social media is essentially word of mouth on steroids. Social media platforms give your guests the opportunity to tell more than just their friends and family about their great vacation. Take advantage of this! Keep at least one strong social media platform up and running with great content and encourage the conversations. To learn more about belize social media marketing, click here.

Ask Guests to Recommend You.

Maybe this is obvious, but I am always surprised when resort owners (or other businesses) fail to ask me to "Tell a Friend" which is one of the easiest things any buyer can do to help a business they like. So make it a point, to simply ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS and TripAdvisor reviews. It really works!

Have any great word of mouth tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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