Is Your Belize Resort Guilty Of These Social Media Mistakes?

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 by

Social media marketing for Belize hotels isn't always easy. With dozens of sites to choose from and advice coming from all directions on how best to market yourself, the options can be overwhelming. We've compiled a list of common mistakes made when doing resort marketing so that you can evaluate if you're getting the most out of your social media outlets.

Recycling Content
Do not misunderstand, good content deserves to be read. The issue is when Belize resorts write a blog post or find a great article to share then immediately broadcast it on their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. This is a huge no-no. For example, if a guest feels as though they can soak up all of your content by going to your Facebook page, they won't bother following you on Twitter. If you absolutely MUST share that article amongst all of your channels, wait a few days between shares on your various social networks. You can also change up the content somewhat to format best for other social networks. For a good example of an effective Facebook page, see the Guest Caye Facebook page.

Having Too Many Channels
This is difficult concept for some resort owners who have been told that they must have a presence on all channels, but the reality is, it's better to have a few strong channels than several weak ones. A social media channel is wasted if it has no content, no engagement, and generally no benefit to your resort. If you're tweeting to no one or pinning to boards that are never seen, then consider narrowing your outlets to those that are most successful.

Focusing On More Over Better
There is a lot of focus put on numbers in social media. "How many 'likes' does your page have?" "How many 'followers' do you have?" But the reality is, these questions are irrelevant. Numbers are a very poor indicator of how successful your social media efforts are. A better metric is engagement. Do people like your posts? Do they comment and ask questions? Better to have a smaller number of fans that are highly engaged than a large number of fans who never check your page. Click here for some great tips on how to make the most out of your social media channels.

Ignoring People's Comments
On the same note of engagement, it is important that you too are engaged in your networks. Responding promptly to questions and comments on your page makes the traveler feel as though their concerns and opinions are important (because they are!). Again, the point of social media is to have conversations, so be sure to be involved however you can. If someone compliments your resort, at least say "Thank You!"

Overreacting to the Negative
No resort owner wants to hear that a guest had a negative experience, especially when they voice that dissatisfaction on a social network. One of the biggest mistakes that resorts make is hiding or deleting these comments. These comments are actually a great opportunity for you to show that you are invested in each one of your guests and potential customers and that you want to resolve the issue. Start a conversation, ask for more details about the issue, and do your best to resolve it. Your followers will respect that you went our of your way to take care of the guest. This is especially true for Trip Advisor Reviews of Belize Hotels.

Are you committing any of these resort marketing sins? Know of some other mistakes being made in Caribbean social marketing? Let us know below!

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